CODES – The Festival of Traditional and Avant-garde Music is a new festival on Lublin’s cultural map. It’s first edition took  place in May 2009. This years edition is on the 14 – 18 May.

The Festival is an international event devoted to the idea of combining the archaic and the new in music. The mixture of two distinctive canons of aesthetics forms a completely unique listening experience where magic and beauty co-exist. The festival gives excellent contemporary music composers and the representatives of the avant-garde jazz an opportunity to meet traditional musicians and artists reconstructing old music. The offer of the Festival includes concerts and the premieres of music projects by recognized artists, as well as young and talented musicians and composers. Lublin-born Jerzy Kornowicz, the commissioner of the Festival, is himself a composer of contemporary music and the president of Polish Composers’ Union.

Centre for Intercultural Creative Initiatives “Crossroads”


Centre for Intercultural Creative Initiatives “Crossroads” is a new public culture institution functioning in Lublin since October 2008. It arises from Foundation “Muzyka Kresów” existing from the early 1990’s, which seeks for the roots of experiencing tradition in archaic music. “Crossroads” Centre, with its passion to explore the roots of our culture, wishes to meet and clash utopia’s of twentieth century’s avant-garde. Furthermore – its goal is show the release of energy which comes from fusion of tradition with new forms of art, achieving creative sparkle between the voices of the past and the sophistication of modern art. We wish to meet different cultural idioms – deriving from cultural and etnic miscellany of our world, as well as confronting incommensurable languages of art.


Mirosław Haponiuk – Director of CICI “Crossroads”
Jan Bernad – Artistic Director of CICI “Crossroads”
Anna Gorgol, Anna Horyńska, Anna Jaśko, Eliana Kisielewska, Monika Mamińska-Domagalska, Grzegorz Paluch, Alina Sheyda, Edyta Wołowczyk
Tel: + 48 (81) 466 61 67
Fax: +48 (81) 466 61 64


If you want to participate in the making of an international music festival, join out team of the volunteers of the Festival of Traditional and Avant-garde Music CODES in Lublin, Poland.


Voluntary work starts before the festival and involves supporting the organizers in all aspects of creating the event from promotion and logistics, to guiding participants and guests. Your support enables our efficient work, creates positive atmosphere at and around the festival and helps the artists feel welcome. It is a great learning opportunity, a chance to try out your collaborative and organisational skills and contribute to this unique cultural event.


In order to apply for voluntary work at the festival, just fill out the short form. The decision of accepting your application will be made by the organizers, who will inform you via e-mail. Call for applications ends on the 21st of April

Any questions can be directed to the organizers at the following e-mail address:



Centre for Intercultural Creative Initiatives “Crossroads”
Peowiaków 12
20-007 Lublin

Tel: + 48 (81) 466 61 67
Fax: +48 81 466 61 64


Festival’s Coordinator:
Grzegorz Paluch 


Edyta Wołowczyk, Anna Król 


PR and Media:
Alina Sheyda 


Voluntary work: